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Sprinter Van Rentals in NYC

Sprinter Van Rentals in NYC


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Deals on Summer Camp Van Rental

With dozens of sports teams, family affairs and special interest groups traveling inĀ  Sprinter your best and most affordable travel option on the Island might be a van rental. You can save on not only the rental is self, but with a large group the gas costs are almost next to nothing!

The more than 2,400 camps accredited by the American Camp Association have met or exceeded the highest nationally recognized standards for health, safety, staff training, and program quality in camps. You can be assured that up to 300 questions have already been asked and appropriately answered. ACA demonstrates a commitment to excellence that makes your job of choosing the right camp much easier.

In addition to their traditional summer camp program (day or resident), camps often rent or lease their facilities to groups for summer or “off-season” programs. These camps have demonstrated compliance with standards specific to the administration and facilities of the camp and to the limited services, such as food service and maintenance, provided by the site owner/operator. Groups using camp facilities in this way typically retain primary responsibility and control of their program and staffing.

Facilities are available for:

  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Business meetings
  • Planning retreats
  • Religious retreats
  • Outdoor training courses
  • School programs
  • Environmental education
  • Company picnics
  • Family reunions
  • Special camp sessions
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GOOD Fuel Efficient Vans || GREEN VAN RENTALS

GOOD Fuel Efficient Vans || GREEN VAN RENTALS



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Which Van to Rent => Ford e350 Chevy Express or Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van

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Rent Sprinter Vans